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Restauranttipps für Ried


A beautifully situated organic farm in the hilly Innviertel region!

The event barn at the Loryhof is the ideal setting for your parties and events. Whether for a dream wedding, company celebration or birthday party with family, friends or colleagues, we have the ideal setting for all group sizes.
Whether you want to spend a lovely evening as a couple or celebrate a special occasion with a larger group, myself and the whole Loryhof team look forward to your visit!

Manika´s Thai Kitchen

A different range.

Unfortunately, we don't have liver cassettes.
With our contemporary product range, we deliberately want to stand out a little and not encroach on other people's territory. We offer delicious bagels, creative sandwiches, crisp salads and sweet and savoury bubble waffles. The range of drinks on offer - hot and cold - is also unusual. What's more, the range is constantly being updated and expanded.

Everything at the counter.

Fast and flexible thanks to self-service.
To keep things as simple as possible, we rely on classic self-service. So you simply walk up to the sales counter with a freshly picked-up tray, choose from our range as the mood takes you and pay - in cash or by card - at the counter.
It couldn't be simpler. Certainly not faster either.

Communicate instead of reserving.

First come, first served.
We offer around twenty seats in the restaurant itself. So it's not intended for regulars' tables and large dinner parties. But it is for all those who enjoy a chat and are happy to meet new and interesting people. Unfortunately, you can't make a reservation, but you can communicate and have a good time.

Mimmo Ristorante Pizzeria

Italian dishes are a poem, provided they are freshly prepared by a real expert. One of the few who master this art to perfection is the Italian Mimmo, who opened his cozy restaurant named after him in the Union Tennis club with around 40 seats and 20 seats in the garden.

MYC Restaurant

Derived from the mycelium, an underground network of fungi that creates connections with and between other living beings, the MYC is a place that connects.
On the one hand, we form close networks with our local producers and suppliers, and on the other, of course, with our guests. The breeding ground for our work is our immediate surroundings.

Our natural seasons constantly provide us with new inspiration and help us to select our ingredients carefully.
In this way, we want to strengthen the region and protect our nature. But above all, we create sustainable connections to share new experiences and inspiring adventures with our guests.

Pizzeria Mamma Mia

Take away & delivery service

Platzl Wirt - M2´s Platzl

In the "Tiorler Bua", the Tyrolean cuisine meets regional delicacies!

Helios - Greek Restaurant

A Greek-Italian Restaurant in the center of Ried.

Rieder Bauernmarkt - farmers market

Every Friday afternoon from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Rieder Wirt

The RIEDER WIRT is a popular meeting place for families to celebrate, for friends for entertainment, for business friends to exchange ideas.

Stadt Schnitzel

Stadt Schnitzel is a restaurant in the heart of Ried. It is the place for a fine culinary experience, where tradition is mixed with a modern touch.

Only selected domestic suppliers are allowed to supply us with the best quality.

We always endeavour to offer our customers the best quality at reasonable prices.

Taverna Delfis - original griechische Küche


Original Greek delicacies

Valentino Ried - Pizza, Kebab, Dürüm

Imbiss and Fast Food, Take away


In Weberbräu you will experience cultivated and cozy hospitality with traditional ooking, which is freshly prepared for you from regional ingredients.


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