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Naturopathic practice dBZorg | Dirk des Bouvrie


Main focus of the dBZorg naturopathic practice:

1. microimmunotherapy
This therapy supports the immune system using, among other things, messenger substances that are also used by the immune system. However, in micro-doses (low dose).
The complementary medical approach of microimmunotherapy (MIT) recognises imbalances in the cell at an early stage. This therapy sends targeted "information" to the immune system and thus provides the impetus for an appropriate immune response and aims to restore the immune regulatory and adaptive capacity.
It is complementary to other treatments (and can also be used in the veterinary field).

2 Psychosomatic naturopathy
The bioresonance procedure reveals your psychosomatic energy balance. Based on this, you are treated with complex homeopathy and/or microimmunotherapy.

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Tel.: +43 (7752) 83266

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