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Fun and games in the WEBERZEILE
Run around and experience adventures, be creative or take things easy: PLANET LOLLIPOP is a world of adventure where young visitors have the choice. While the kids are in good hands here, parents can relax and shop.


A place for fun and games, relaxation and socialising

Playground Altenried

The Altenried playground is easily accessible via the cycle path and from Kasernstraße (Riedberg district). With an area of around 2,000 m2, this playground offers a variety of play equipment. From swings to a football goal, there is something for every age group.

Playground Försterstraße

This playground is easily accessible both via Försterstraße and on foot via the footpath and cycle path along Raimundstraße (near the kindergarten). The main attractions are the water playground and the large climbing combination. With a total area of 1,300 m², this facility is very popular.

Playground Gartenstraße

The Gartenstraße playground is located near the federal school centre and can be reached via the footpath from Bad Ried in the direction of Braunauer Straße. The extensive range of activities on offer in this leisure area makes children's hearts beat faster. Sport, games and fun are not neglected here!

Playground Konvikt

The Konvikt playground was integrated into the grounds of the Konvikt in Peter-Rosegger-Straße in 2003. Here, children and young people can really let off steam on an area of approx. 1,000 m². Plenty of green space invites them to give free rein to their physical activity.

Playground Promenade

The playground in the immediate vicinity of the Rosegger primary and secondary school is not only a favourite place for pupils to wait for the bus, but is also a delight with its numerous play elements. On an area of around 300 m², children can let off steam to their heart's content.

Playground Riedberg

This playground encourages creative, free play, particularly due to its natural setting and its proximity to the stream. The Riedberg playground can be reached both via the bridge at Franziskusheim (Riedbergkirche) and via Fosselstraße.
Sufficient seating is provided in this 6,000 m² playground with park character, which was built in 1996. There is also a large playing field with two football goals right next to it.

Playground City Park

Probably the best known and largest playground in the town of Ried is located in the centrally located town park. It is a place of encounter, communication and movement, but also of peace and quiet. This makes it ideal for combining a walk with a visit to the 3,500m² playground. It is also located directly on the walking and cycling route from the city centre to the municipal outdoor pool.

Playground Stelzhamerplatz

This playground is located right next to the Stelzhamer monument in the centre of Ried. The play area is particularly inviting for young children to take a short break while shopping. There is also plenty of seating available.

Playground Ufergasse

This play oasis is located in the middle of the town centre. Located between the Sparkasse Ried-Haag bank and the volunteer fire brigade of the town of Ried, it encourages children to swing and play in the sand. A special highlight is the large climbing spider web. There's always someone to play with here.

Playground Wegleiten

This spacious playground is embedded in the Wegleiten residential area and attracts visitors with all kinds of play, exercise and climbing opportunities. There is a wide range of play equipment for every age group. It's a great place to spend your free time with friends.

Playground Amselweg

The Amselweg playing field is located in the immediate vicinity of the Rieder hospital. You can play both football and basketball on the lush green.

Playground Försterstraße

Located directly on the cycle path and on the border with Tumeltsham, you can let your footballing heart run free here. The two small-sided goals make for many an exciting match.

Playground Rabenbergerweg (Ottenbach)

If you want to watch your children play football with friends, the Rabenberger Weg play area is the perfect place to sit.

Playground Raimungstraße

This large playground is located between the Raimundstraße kindergarten and the Försterstraße playground. Its two streetball goals invite you to play a fun game of football with friends.

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