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It was 2003 when Mario BERGER, Wolfgang EHRENTRAUT and I were thinking about how to bring our sport closer to a wider audience.
After some back and forth, it was finally decided:
The founding of the PARAGLIDE and DRAGON SPORT section.


How should the whole thing work?
We were against the so-called "club bureaucracy".
That means a meeting somewhere every week and lots of obligations that take away your enjoyment of the best hobby in the world.
We not only wanted to set ourselves apart from such a club, we also set ourselves other goals.
The focus should be on having fun.
Solo pilots who only ever fly in the same area and then stop at some point because they get bored should feel just as comfortable with us as "newcomers" who are looking for a connection.
Pilots who have not flown for a long time are just as important to us as the old pros who want to try something new.
The exchange of experiences is practised during joint flights or at the monthly regulars' table.

To save newcomers the trouble of finding a suitable flying school, we also have a partner. The Salzburg Flying School in Mattsee.

We currently have 61 members (as of March 2019).
Paragliders and hang gliders with and without a motor (and rising)
UL and everything else that moves in the air is welcome.
Our members are informed about our activities via the Internet and via SMS or WhatsApp.

opening hours
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Kasernstraße 10, 4910 Ried im Innkreis



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Rieder Schwanthaler Zehner - immer eine perfekte Geschenkidee!
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